In 1934, the year that I was born, Adolph Hitler gave a speech before the Nazi Party Congress in Nurenburg that became the script for the Third Reich's propaganda film, "Triumph of Will."

There are similarities between what he said and the evolving U.S. judicial system.


--One and only power in Germany. And, because these are the racially best of the German nation;

--They claim the leadership of the Reich and the people;

--Whoever feels that he is the carrier of the best blood and knowingly uses it to attain the leadership;

--It will be a training school like a holy order for political leaders.

--Today we must examine ourselves and remove from our midst the elements that have become bad and therefore do not belong with us; and

--We can be happy to know that this future belongs entirely to us.

This letter is not from a loony, it comes from a cognizant observer of the courts who now knows that dimwits in the judiciary have seized control of our courts and have turned them into arenas of extortion and anarchy.

Never vote for a judicial incumbent.

Charles Sullivan

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