Memo to Allied Trash and Dunstan

By The Madison County Record | Nov 8, 2009

To the editor:

Someone wasn't thinking clearly when they came up with the idea of the big blue dumpsters for Jarvis Township.

They are very cumbersome to get to and from the roadside. It will be impossible during inclement weather. It is a hardship on the senior citizens and women in the area due to the weight of the trash can. The trash can is so heavy it cannot easily be loaded onto a pickup truck.

They are an eyesore on the landscape. Because they are difficult to move some folks have decided to leave them by the road all week long. This is detrimental to the quality of life in the area.

I would like to see the big blue dumpsters disappear from usage in the area.

There is no good reason why we cannot continue to put our trash in a convenient pick up spot for trash collection in the usual trash bags.

I would also like to see guidelines published on when trash and trash cans can be left by the road with a limit of no more than a 24 hour consecutive time frame for the week.

Marty Ganz

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