26+ Reasons to Get Off the Couch - Part II

By Tad Armstrong | Oct 25, 2009

Ten Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee believe you are superhuman. They are the ones that sought a 72-hour Internet publication of their as-yet-unfinished version of a comprehensive Health Care Plan for Americans & Others (illegal immigrants).

They apparently believe you can read, analyze and then consult your Congressmen with your up or down wishes, assuming a 1,000 page document, at the rate of 14 pages per hour for 72 straight hours without sleeping, eating or working to earn a living to pay the taxes that pay the health care premiums for the same plans the Democrats enjoy.

Let's call it what it is - lip service paid to feign concern for us in order to entice future votes in their direction.

In fact, the only legitimate argument against 72-hour publication is that it is not nearly long enough.

Although you will like this, Senator Kerry, forgive me while I ask Americans to ponder, once again.

Perhaps it is not fair to provide a short window as a potential hurdle to proponents whose passion demands enacting new laws that will become effective three days earlier than "the rest of our lives."

Why? Because 72 hours likely only provides enough time for the lunatic fringe to criticize merely for the sake of defeating any bill and no time for proponents to defend their position, let alone enough time for all rational positions to be fairly debated. To "The 23," I would suggest three weeks or even three months of debate, not in a vacuum, but a "citizen's debate" on the actual legislation you propose.

You who represent us might even learn something about what you will be voting on in the process.

One Democrat Senator Dick Durbin caused me to use the phrase "the rest of our lives" (above) somewhat tongue in cheek. His commentary after President Obama's health care speech to the nation included the following:

"There will never be another opportunity in my lifetime to pass a health care bill."

This also qualifies for the "Hogwash of the Week" list. You underestimate your abilities, Senator Durbin. I am sure that even you can keep giving it the good old college try again and again until you get in line with a majority of Americans. One lost battle won't likely determine the outcome of this war. Please. Face the fact that Americans are waking up.

You will have to begin treating us with the respect you seek from us if you want our vote next time around.

13 + 10 + 1 = 24. That leaves 2+ additional reasons to "get off the couch."

Ben Franklin said: "It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins."

And I say, "An "epidemic of ignorance" is the greatest threat to this Republic."

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