26+ Reasons to Get Off the Couch-- Part I

By Tad Armstrong | Oct 11, 2009

(Editor's note: This is the first of a three-part series).

Thirteen Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee believe you are not capable of understanding their as-yet-unfinished version of a comprehensive Health Care Plan for Americans & Others. That is why "The 13" refuse to publish their handiwork on the Internet for 72 hours prior to their vote.

They are apparently willing to publish their "conceptual version" which, of course, will never be the subject of a vote and is, therefore, next to useless.

If you can read, I believe you are at least as capable as "The 13" to understand their work product in spite of their predictable inability to draft a bill that can be understood by most of us. I speak of the version that even they will not likely have read nor will fully understand prior to voting it up or down.

At least one of "The 13," former Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry, believes the motive of "The 10" Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee to publish for 72 hours is to "delay."

I ask you, just for a moment, to ponder what that means. Yes, "pondering" (also known as "thinking") will take some time and will, therefore, cause some delay in your reaching the end of this message.

Senator Kerry, we have never had the type of change you envision for Us & Others in over 233 years since our Declared Independence. Ponder a 72 hour "delay" in voting on proposed laws we have never considered in over 2,041,080 hours! Your description of the Republicans' motive qualifies for the "Hogwash of the Week" list.

Another possible reason why "The 13" refuse to publish their handiwork could be that they do not believe Americans care enough to read it. Recent polls (83% in favor of publication) suggest otherwise. It is for certain that the Others likely care a great deal about it, but they do not vote and are not represented by "The 13" - yet!

If you 13 change your minds on this, please understand you will have to publish your product in several different languages, for there are many seeking to gain the benefits of freedom who are not willing to invest the time and effort it takes to learn the language of freedom.

We have discussed the "insult-to-our-intelligence reason" and the "insult-to-our-responsibility reason."

What other reason could there be to resist providing us an opportunity to read your proposed legislation? Is it possible that "You 13" know (just as sure as you sit there in the Senate Chambers basking in the knowledge that, whatever happens, you will always have the personal health care plan that has never been available to the rest of us in place for yourselves) that if we voters actually do get a chance to look at your plan for our lives, we won't like what we see? Delay tactic?

It looks more like a "Get-It-Passed-Before-They-Figure-It-Out" tactic to me. If my cynicism is unjustified, surely you wouldn't balk at the next attempt by "The 10" to "give 72 a try," would you, Senator Kerry?

Ben Franklin said: "It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins."

And I say, "An "epidemic of ignorance" is the greatest threat to this Republic.

[Stay tuned for Part Two - the next 10 reasons to get off the couch. The Republicans do not get a bye on this one.]

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