Motions in a contested divorce of an Edwardsville couple will be heard Friday, according to court documents.

A hearing that had been scheduled Aug. 18 was reset at the request of attorney Andrew Velloff, who represents S.C. Johnson in its attempts to stop what it calls the sham divorce of Sara and Thomas Buske.

Thomas Buske has been indicted in a Wisconsin federal court for allegedly defrauding the company of millions using inflated invoices. The company is attempting to collect on a $203.8 million civil judgment against Thomas Buske that it obtained in a Wisconsin state court.

Velloff had filed a motion to move the Aug. 18 hearing on Aug. 5, citing his appearance at a Greene County trial.

Friday's hearing will deal with the issue of educational trusts for the couple's two children and S.C. Johnson's move to completely vacate a previous Madison County court order enjoining it from collecting on its Wisconsin civil judgment against Thomas Buske.

Sara Buske filed to dissolve her marriage eight days after the Wisconsin court handed down the $203.8 million judgment against her husband.

S.C. Johnson had previously been denied standing to argue collusion by then-presiding Associate Judge Duane Bailey. Bailey ruled the divorce could proceed June 22.

Bailey also ruled in December 2008 that S.C. Johnson was enjoined from collecting on the $203.8 million judgment.

The company appealed Bailey's order and the appellate court ruled in its favor, overruling Bailey.

Bailey was taken off the case shortly after.

Madison County Associate Judge Thomas Chapman is currently presiding.

The Friday hearing will begin at 1:30 p.m.

Velloff and Swansea attorney Thomas Q. Keefe Jr. represent S.C. Johnson.

Thomas Buske is represented in the divorce by St. Louis attorney Vicki Cochran.

Sara Buske is represented by Howard Feldman.

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