A man claims an employee of an automobile repossession company sprayed him with mace in the face after the employee allegedly attempted to repossess a car that was paid in full.

Rick L. Seibold filed a lawsuit July 6 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Image Recovery Service and Brad M. Laugh.

Rick Seibold claims he was visiting his parents at their 41 Athlone Dr. home in Caseyville on April 25 when Laugh arrived to repossess his father's, Ronald R. Seibold's, vehicle.

However, Ronald Seibold's Mercury Grand Marquis was paid in full and no lien existed on it, according to the complaint.

"As such Defendant Image Recovery Service, Inc. had no legal right to be on the property of Ronald R. Seibold," the complaint says.

Despite Rick Seibold's and Ronald Seibold's attempts to explain the vehicle was fully paid for and their requests for Laugh to leave their property, Laugh refused to exit and instead began to repossess the vehicle, the suit states.

Rick Seibold claims he again requested Laugh leave when Laugh sprayed him in the face with mace.

Because of the incident, Rick Seibold says he sustained injuries to his eyes, incurred medical costs and experienced pain, suffering and a diminution in his normal life.

Rick Seibold blames Image Recovery Services for its failure to perform a sufficient background check on Laugh.

In addition, he blames both Laugh and Image Recovery Services for their failure to adequately ascertain the identity of the vehicle Laugh was to repossess and for their failure to determine the vehicle owned by Ronald Seibold was not the vehicle to be repossessed.

In the two-count suit, Rick Seibold is seeking a judgment of more than $100,000, plus costs.

John H. Leskara of the Leskera Law Firm in Collinsville will be representing him.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number: 09-L-360.

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