A 2005 negligence suit scheduled for trial Monday will hold a case management conference, pending a settlement June 24.

The suit, stemming from a collision on Illinois Route 111, was brought by a mother on her own behalf and that of her four children. The family was riding in a van that was struck by a Chevrolet Lumina in March 2004. Both the driver of the van and the Lumina have been sued.

Plaintiff Dorothy Winters of East St. Louis is suing Anthony Centerino Jr. and Booker T. Lumas for multiple counts of negligence for damages in excess of $50,000 and costs.

According to Winters' suit, she and her four children – Amesha, Amossha, Jessica and Terrell Amerson – were riding in a van driven by Lumas. The van collided with Centurion's car on Illinois Route 111.

Dorothy Winters contends that she and her children were injured, suffered pain and lost wages while incurring medical expenses due to the accident. She also contends that her children have suffered harm to their future earning capability. The plaintiff argues that neither defendant kept the proper look out, reduced their speed to avoid the accident or saw one another as they are required to.

Dorothy Winters and her children are represented by Edwardsville attorney Patrick G. Johnston of Johnson Law Offices P.C. Centerino is represented by Thomas Zimmer. Lumas is represented by Steven Hughes.

Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack is presiding.

The case is Madison case number 05-L-1081.

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