"Crazy people."

That's what Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist and preferred economist of aspiring despots, called the hundreds of thousands of Americans planning on attending Tax Day tea parties around the nation tomorrow.

They are "crazy" for not understanding why everyone seems to have a claim on the money they earn except them.

They are "crazy" for opposing trillions of dollars in federal bailouts for companies "too big to fail" advanced by the same politicians who routinely ridicule "big business".

They are "crazy" for opposing job-killing tax increases.

They are "crazy" for daring to doubt the wisdom of an individual who has never created a job appointing himself overlord of the entire banking and auto industries.

They are "crazy" for decrying the hypocrisy of the moral outrage President Obama exhibited over the AIG bonuses (false as it was) while saying nothing of the bonuses for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives.

They are "crazy" for concerns about the soul-crushing debt both political parties have piled up and what that will mean for America's future sovereignty, much less economic vitality.

They are "crazy" for bristling at the idea that they should not realize the benefits of their financial responsibility, but rather that their responsibility dividend should be redistributed to finance the irresponsible.

They are "crazy" for the exasperation they feel while watching ever-increasing chunks of their income wasted on failing schools, gridlocked transportation systems, and pet projects for the politically connected.

They are "crazy" for not understanding that the right people are in charge: cake-eaters like Paul Krugman who can finally make socialism work.

And most of all, they are "crazy" for clinging to the antiquated notion that America's greatness as an innovator and her supremacy as a wealth-creator are the result of free minds applying their talents in free markets.

Yep, tea party attendees are "crazy" all right. Crazy like a fox.

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