Name streets after unselfish, thoughtful leaders

By The Madison County Record | Mar 1, 2009

To the editor:

This is "Sideburn" from Wood River commenting on the "Sidebar" forum of Feb. 14-- on Tom Lakin needing a little credit on his good deeds and such.

True, public opinion is all over the place on every issue, like it should, to keep all in check. Yes, I wrote the mayor of Wood River and asked if he would reconsider changing the street name from Lakin Boulevard to Otto Rice Sports Way-- in memory of the late Otto Rice, a Parks and Recreation director for Wood River.

He was a kind gentleman who encouraged physical fitness, positive competitiveness and treated all children and teens with esteem and respect. He died in the late summer of 2008.

Lakin is more reminiscent of "Touch of Evil" than of "Citizen Kane." God will judge his misdeeds, as well as all of ours. That doesn't mean we, as citizens, have to forgive part of a corrupt regime that was self-serving and thumbed its nose at the citizens of Illinois. We should demand better of our leaders.

Name the streets after unselfish, thoughtful public servants that don't really care about the fanfare, like Otto Rice. I didn't really know his politics-- I knew the content of his character, which shined brightly on the whole Metro-East area.

Thomas Metcalf
Wood River

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