Kevin Link

Tom Maag

Armettia Peach, whose six figure judgment in a suit against Granite City over a leaky house vanished after Madison County Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian learned she didn't own the house, has settled with the last defendant.

Matoesian closed the case on Dec. 29, approving a settlement between Peach and Kevin Link, a previous owner of the house at 9 Briarcliff Drive.

Peach sued in 2004, seeking damages from Link for selling the house and from Granite City for the failure of inspectors to spot the leaks.

Granite City did not respond to the suit and Peach's attorney, Thomas Maag, moved for default judgment against the city.

Matoesian granted it, awarding $70,000 for the purchase price and $8,242.50 for repairs.

He awarded legal fees of $26,016.67, bringing the total to $104,259.17.

When Granite City officials received the bill, they hired attorney Jane Unsell to appear before Matoesian and ask him to vacate the judgment.

In 2005, while the city awaited a hearing, the Madison County Record reported that Peach didn't buy the house from Link.

Property records showed that Chad Carpenter paid Link $68,900 and later conveyed the title to Peach by quit claim deed with no payment.

Link told the Record that Peach gave him $20,000 in $20 bills as a down payment, but that at the closing of the sale she said Carpenter
would buy the property.

When Unsell brought the city's motion to a hearing, Matoesian declared his default order void.

Peach and the city settled in 2007.

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