A total of five new asbestos lawsuits were filed in Madison County during the week of Nov. 24 through Nov. 29.

The following claims were filed:

--Dora Jean Cantrell of Tennessee on behalf of Willard Cantrell claims mesothelioma. Willard worked in the U.S. Army from 1966 until 1968 and worked as a laborer at a saw mill for several years. He also performed various home construction projects. The Cantrells are represented by Randy L. Gori and Barry Julian of Gori, Julian and Associates in Alton. Case number: 08-L-1123.

--Dan and Merle Cochran of Illinois claim mesothelioma. Dan was a service station worker from 1954 until 1994 and a janitor and maintenance man at various locations in Illinois. The Cochrans are represented by Richard L. Saville, Robert J. Evola, Ethan A. Flint and David J. Page of Saville, Evola and Flint in Alton. Case number: 08-L-1118.

--Lawrence Gilbert of Tennessee, an electrician and welder at various locations throughout Illinois, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Vermont and Maine from 1955 until 1999, claims bilateral pleural plaques. He is represented by Christopher R. Guinn, Christopher J. Levy, John A. Barnerd and Perry J. Browder of SimmonsCooper in East Alton. Case number: 08-L-1120.

--Robert Rainey of Texas, a lab technician from 1967 until now and a seaman from 1955 until 1959, claims mesothelioma. He is represented by Stephanie A. Lyons and Timothy F. Thompson, Jr., of SimmonsCooper in East Alton. Case number: 08-L-1112.

--Glenn F. Shreve, Sr., of Pennsylvania, a labor worker, heavy equipment mechanic, tank mechanic, Army recruiter and maintenance worker from 1957 until 1997, claims mesothelioma. Shreve was also exposed to asbestos through home construction and his own mechanic work, he claims. He is represented by Randy L. Gori of Gori, Julian and Associates in Alton with W. Mark Lanier, Patrick N. Haines, R. Craig Bullock and J. Kyle Beale of The Lanier Law Firm in Houston serving as counsel. Case number: 08-L-1121.

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