A personal injury trial involving an apartment floor that gave way will begin at 9 a.m. on Nov. 10 in Madison County Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian's courtroom.

Jessica Jackson of Collinsville filed suit in May 2006, alleging she was injured when her leg went through a section of the floor at her apartment in Idlebrook Estates. The apartment is operated by James Green Enterprises of Granite City.

Jackson claims Green was negligent by allowing the floor in her apartment to deteriorate to the point in which it became a hazard after being advised there was a problem with the floor.

She also claims Green failed to perform repair work on the floor after being advised work was needed and failed to provide a substitute apartment for her to occupy until the floor was repaired.

Jackson claims she sustained serious internal and external injuries which caused her to suffer great physical pain and mental anguish, medical expenses and lost wages.

Curtis Jackson, Jessica's husband, claims that because of his wife's injuries he has spent great sums of money and incurred great liability and indebtedness in attempting to cure Jessica's injuries.

Curtis also claims he was "greatly damaged" in the loss of Jessica's society, fellowship, companionship, cooperation and aid in their conjugal relationship.

The Jacksons are represented by Philip Rice of the Rice Law Offices in Belleville.

At trial, Green's defense will contend that Jackson's injuries were caused by her own carelessness or negligence because she failed to keep a careful lookout and failed to exercise reasonable care while walking on the premises.

Green is represented by John Cunningham of Brown & James in Belleville.

He will also argue that loss of consortium claims brought by Curtis is also the result of Jackson's own negligence therefore he cannot be held liable.

The trial is expected to last three days.

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