It's the law: McGlynn says political signs have to stay

By Ann Knef | Nov 4, 2008

Attorney Steve McGlynn has spent part of his day explaining election law to antagonists of Republican state rep candidate Dwight Kay.

McGlynn, a former appellate court justice, has been credentialed through Kay's campaign to observe polling activity.

Objections were raised when Kay's "Vote Today" signs were put up outside the 100 foot perimeter at the Hollywood Heights Fire Department polling place, which is Caseyville 1 precinct.

"Most people don't understand," McGlynn said about people who object to or take down political signs on election day.

"Yes, it's our property, with the exception of election day," he said. "It's state property."

He said that if there were a polling place on Catholic Church property and someone placed an Obama sign on the property, the church could not take it down "even though Obama is so outrageously pro choice."

"You can't do it," he said.

Tensions were apparently great enough to warrant St. Clair County Clerk Bob Delaney to arrive on scene in Caseyville.

"I just showed up with the statute," McGlynn said. "I was there to make sure they know the law."

McGlynn is a Republican and resides in Belleville.

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