Caseyville 1 Republican poll watcher to stay when polls close

By Ann Knef | Nov 4, 2008

A coordinator for Dwight Kay's campaigns said the organization had to fight to allow its poll worker to stay on site at the Caseyville 1 precinct when polls close at 7 p.m.

Chris Guy said the campaign fought to ensure a poll watcher could be on site to observe the official printout that lists numbers of Democrat and Republican ballots pulled.

The precinct is located at the Hollywood Heights Fire Department.

Another poll watcher described the scene as "verbal altercation."

Kay is a Republican running to unseat incumbent Democrat Jay Hoffman for a state house seat.

The precinct is located in a Democratic stronghold.

Earlier in the day, "Vote Today Kay" signs that were placed outside a 100 foot perimeter of the polling place had been stolen, an observer reported.

Guy said otherwise things have been running smoothly and he was not aware of any shenanigans elsewhere.

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