Poll watchers in Madison County precincts say voter turnout is "very high," as much as or more than 50 percent in some areas.

Bob Hulme of Edwardsville is observing voter activity in several Collinsville precincts and said that on average voters are waiting between a half hour and an hour in line to vote.

The precincts he is watching are known to be strong Democratic areas.

He said early votes cast combined with turnout today equals "at least" 50 percent total turnout.

One observation he made is that some precincts are "way too big," creating long lines.

In Edwardsville 9, where he votes but not serving as a poll watcher today, there are 1,400 registered voters. Four hundred people voted early there and 300 have voted this morning.

Dottie Bourn of Belleville is observing precincts in Granite City. She echoed Hulme's remarks, stating turnout is "very high."

Close to 50 percent of registered voters have voted in Granite City 2 and Nameoki 6 and 22, Bourn said at around noon.

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