Lamar Construction has filed a breach of contract complaint against American Voyage Corporation and International Voyage Corporation, alleging the two companies still owe it more than $500,000.

Lamar signed a written contract on Jan. 9 in which it agreed to furnish materials, labor and machinery for the dismantling and prepping of 15 steel frame buildings in Granite City, according to the complaint filed Sept. 23 in Madison County Circuit Court.

In the same contract, American Voyage agreed to supply metal storage containers for scrap metals, the suit states.

Lamar claims it dismantled and hauled away 2,155,340 pounds of scrap metal.

American Voyage supplied the company with 54 metal storage containers for the scrap metal, according to the complaint.

"By February 2008, Defendants were having difficulty in providing Plaintiffs with the proper storage containers capable of delivering scrap metal to ports in Long Beach, California, by and under the term of the 'Contract,'" the suit states.

Because of this, the project manager agreed to extend Lamar's completion date from March 1 to whenever the project could be completed, Lamar claims.

But on May 20, a regional supply director for International Voyage fired Lamar and told the company it had one week to get its equipment off the project site, according to the complaint.

Lamar claims American Voyage and International Voyage have only paid $171,995 for the 2,155,340 pounds of scrap metal they dismantled and removed from the site, only a portion of what they owe.

American Voyage and International Voyage still owe Lamar $630,514, according to the complaint.

Lamar also alleges American Voyage and International Voyage gave it a fraudulent check for $48,000.

In addition to the money the company says it is due, it is seeking attorney fees and other relief the court deems just.

It is being represented by Greg Roosevelt of Roosevelt Law Office in Edwardsville.

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