Two Illinois women have filed suit againt the Delux Motel, claiming it failed to notify anyone when they purchased a room while a man held a gun to their heads.

Channel Lewis and Nylon Crayton ordered a two-hour stay at the Alorton motel on Sept. 23, 2006, and were accompanied by a male covering his face with a black coat, according to the complaint filed Sept. 22 in St. Clair County Court.

The two women were paraded in front of a hotel employee with a gun pointed at their heads, the suit states.

The women claim they were then subject to numerous acts of sexual abuse.

They suffer severe, extensive and permanent injuries and are hindered in attending to their usual affairs, according to the complaint.

Lewis and Crayton have spent a substantial amount on medical costs, the suit states.

They claim the hotel was negligent because it failed to notice the women were in danger, even though "Nylon Crayton was shaking in fear."

The hotel also failed to notify the proper authorities when it saw the women being led into the room with a pistol to their heads, according to the complaint.

In addition, the hotel failed to provide a security guard at its establishment, the suit states.

In the two-count suit, Lewis and Crayton are seeking $100,000.

Gerald M. Dunne of Dunne Koenig & Green in Clayton will be representing them.

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