Maria Miranda has filed suit on behalf of herself and her two children against Josh R. and Carol I. Klinger, alleging they were severely injured after a collision with the vehicle Josh was driving.

Maria claims that on Oct. 8, 2006, at about 10:23 p.m., she was driving west on West Country Lane in Collinsville and about to turn left into a driveway, according to a suit filed Sept. 12 in Madison County.

Josh, who was driving the 1998 Saturn Carol owned, was driving in the same direction and rear-ended the vehicle Maria was driving, the suit states.

All three of the Mirandas claim they were sick, sore, lame, disorderly, disabled and suffered severe pain including external and internal bodily injuries as a result of the crash.

They also claim they have suffered severe bodily and mental pain and anguish and have incurred medical costs.

Josh was negligent because he operated the vehicle at an excessive speed, failed to keep the vehicle in proper management and control, failed to keep a proper lookout for other vehicles on the road, failed to be aware of his surroundings and failed to use instruments to avoid an accident, according to the complaint.

Carol was negligent because she allowed Josh to drive the car, the suit states.

In the six-count suit, the Maria is seeking a judgment in excess of $300,000, plus costs.

Stephen R. Clark of Courtney, Clark & Associates in Belleville will be representing them.

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