Larry D. Potter has filed suit against Norfolk Southern Railway Company, claiming he has suffered severe injuries as a result of his work for the company.

Potter alleges he received the injuries through repetitive trauma while he was employed by the railway as a trackman and machine operator from 1966 until 2006, according to a complaint filed Sept. 11 in Madison County.

The injuries caused him great pain and mental anguish and caused him to lose money and earnings, the suit states.

Potter claims his earning capacity has been greatly diminished and that he has been forced to spend substantial amounts on medical costs.

Norfolk Southern Railway Company was negligent because it failed to provide a safe place to work, safe methods of work, sufficient manpower and safe tools and equipment, according to the complaint.

Potter is seeking a judgment in excess of $50,000, plus costs of the suit.

Greogory M. Tobin of Pratt & Tobin in East Alton will be representing him.

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