A woman who chipped her tooth on a Big N' Tasty has filed a personal injury suit against McDonald's, alleging her sandwich had a bone fragment in it.

Jan Young claims she was at the Collinsville McDonald's at 520 Ramada Boulevard on April 12, when she bit down on a bone fragment and chipped her tooth.

According to the suit filed Aug. 22 in Madison County Circuit Court, McDonald's had a duty to refrain from having extraneous materials, including bone and other foreign substances, from being placed in their food for human consumption.

Young claims despite its duty, McDonald's negligently permitted the bone fragment to enter the Big N' Tasty and failed to warn her that the sandwich may contain foreign objects.

She also claims the fast food chain failed to check her Big N' Tasty for bone fragments prior to serving it to her.

According to Young, she sustained permanent injuries to her tooth resulting in disfigurement which caused and continues to cause her to suffer great physical pain, mental anguish, lost wages and medical expenses.

She is seeking a judgment not to exceed $50,000, plus costs.

Belleville attorney Matthew Marlen represents Young in the case.

The case is awaiting mandatory arbitration.

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