Christina McKinstry has filed suit against Daniel E. Wiegmann, alleging she was injured after Wiegmann collided with the bike she was riding.

McKinstry claims she was cycling north on Illinois Route 160 on April 23, according to a complaint filed Sept. 5 in St. Clair County Court.

She claims Wiegmann was driving a vehicle west on Damiensville Road and was stopped at a stop sign at the road's intersection with Route 160.

McKinstry claims Wiegmann pulled out after stopping and struck her.

She claims she sustained permanent, severe, painful and disabling injuries to various parts of her body including her cervical spine, neck, shoulders, arms, hand and fingers, legs, knees, fee and toes, head, neck, back, spine, bones, discs, muscles, joints tendons, nerves, tissues, membranes, skin, ligaments and vessels.

She also claims she has suffered pain and mental anguish and has become sick, sore, lame, disordered and disabled.

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