Laurie Ankarlo has filed a suit against three defendants doing business as Collinsville Holiday Inn, alleging she fell and was injured at Porter's Restaurant.

Represented by Jeffery A. Cain of Belleville, Ankarlo claims she sustained severe bodily injury when she fell on Nov. 22.

Ankarlo claims she had and will continue to have to pay large sums for medical expenses.

She also claims she experienced pain, suffering and disability, which will also continue.

She claims Hostmark Hospitality Group, Inc., Collinsville Hotel Venture and B.C. Gitcho, all doing business as Collinsville Holiday Inn, were negligent because they dropped food or drink on the floor creating a slipping hazard, allowed the substance to remain on the floor when it was known to be a slip hazard, used substances on the floor which they were known to be slip hazards, failed to assign adequate personnel to the customer area of the restaurant to prevent slip hazards and failed to supervise and maintain the customer area of the restaurant.

In the three-count suit, Ankarlo is seeking a judgment in excess of $150,000, plus the costs of the suit.

The complaint was filed Aug. 28 in Madison County Circuit Court.

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