Terry Dover filed suit against Robert Crego, who is special administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Pagan, alleging he suffered bodily injuries when Pagan's vehicle rear-ended his.

Dover claims he was driving eastbound on Interstate 270 near Granite City on Aug. 27, 2007, according to the lawsuit filed Aug. 25 in Madison County Circuit Court.

Dover says Pagan was driving her vehicle in the same direction and struck the rear of Dover's automobile.

Dover claims he suffered injuries to his whole body including his head, body, neck, back and hip. Because of them, he says he had and will continue to have to pay substantial amounts for medical care.

He also claims the injuries have and will continue to cause damage to his psyche, great pain and suffering, disability, loss of a normal life, and loss of wages.

Pagan was negligent because she operated her vehicle without a proper and sufficient lookout, proceeded at a speed which is greater than reasonable and proper without regard to the safety of persons and property, failed to stop to avoid colliding with Dover's vehicle, followed Dover's vehicle more closely than was reasonably safe and collided with the rear of Dover's vehicle, according to the complaint.

Pagan died Aug. 27, 2006, and an estate of Pagan was opened Aug. 13, 2006, to defend the lawsuit, according to the complaint.

Dover is seeking sums in excess of $50,000 plus the costs of the lawsuit and any other relief the Court deems just and proper.

He is represented by Michael J. Brunton and Mary M. Stewart of Brunton Law Offices in Collinsville.

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