Madison County Circuit Court Judge David Hylla erased part of an order in a trucker's personal injury suit after confirming that he based it on bad information.

In an Aug. 1 order, Hylla accepted an argument of Georgia trailer maker Cottrell Inc. that plaintiff attorney Brian Wendler made a misstatement at a hearing on May 20.

Wendler told Hylla that a separate company, Cottrell Properties, appeared on the invoice for a trailer his client, Michael Mandeville, hauled.

Hylla ordered Cottrell's general counsel to answer questions about Cottrell Properties.

On June 20, Amy Lorenz-Moser of St. Louis moved for Cottrell to amend the order.

She wrote that on May 30 she asked Wendler to consent to a correction.

"Plaintiff's counsel never responded to the communication," she wrote.

Wendler represents Teamster truckers in injury suits against Cottrell, Edwardsville auto dealer Cassens and Sons, and other businesses of the Cassens family.

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