The Audacity of Arrogance: The Fresh Prince of Hot Air

By John J. Hopkins | Aug 2, 2008

Hopkins The problem, therefore, dear readers, is not that he is black, but that he's green.


From the outset of his burst upon the national scene (is it not strange that such an apparent super star could have been so anonymous in the Illinois State Senate, a body wherein it takes so very little to stand out? But I digress), I have always felt that Barack Hussein Obama bore a striking resemblance to Will Smith. As the campaign unfolds, and we learn more and more about our junior senator, perhaps it is fitting to pirate a proper nick name, "The Fresh Prince of Hot Air," a slight variation of the early success of his look alike.

I have never voted for Obama in any election, primary or general, a matter for which I take a measure of pride. His paper-thin resume aside - as the recent trip overseas demonstrated with crystal clarity - he lacks the fundamental essence to be president, which is a sense of a modesty that reveals that the world does not revolve around him.

With unbridled arrogance, he conducted not just the traditional and accepted fact finding tour, but a premature victory lap choosing instead to use his undeserved, unearned and unjustified bully pulpit to criticize - if ever so veiled - the current administration, and indeed the country as a whole. He gave lip service to the code that bans criticisms of the country while on foreign soil, yet engaged in exactly the conduct just condemned. All with the indulgent immunity of an adoring press.

Early in the campaign, when it appeared that he was but a long shot, he announced his support and agreement for the limits of public financing. Now, with his unexpected fund raising success - the obscenity of any candidate, much less a Democrat raising and spending a projected $600 million staggers the senses (how could the hypocrite look a hungry child in the eye after such self indulgence?) - he conveniently renounces the limits.

If you can't stand the heat, make someone else work in the kitchen. Such position shifting is not unique to Obama, but generic to all politicians. The salient point with the Prince is that, as his mentor Rev. Wright so eloquently if harshly stated, is that Barack is just another politician, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary, just another hack pol from Chicago, beholding to the radical special interests that dominate elections on the South Side.

In my lifetime, I have not seen a person less deserving of the keys to the White House front door than him. Yet, with all the power of the main stream media fully embedded with him, BHO has already been crowned King, much less President.

The election is but a formality, as only uneducated, bigoted, "bred to be afraid of black people" white trash are against Barack, and of course, they do not matter. They are exiled to cling to their guns and their Bibles in the Land of the Unwashed and Holy, deprived by ignorance of the light of the Fresh Prince of Hot Air.

A lack of knowledge is the root of fear, and fear is the antithesis of trust. Simply put, we cannot trust Obama as we know so little about him. Without trust, no man can or should be allowed to lead. It is really that simple.

It is dangerous to be critical of the Prince, as he is so very protected, so thin-skinned, so sensitive to the truth. The "R" word - racist - is the charge most often leveled against those who dare suggest his Highness is unfit to command.

But such a charge is more than just false, it insults both the speaker and the target. The truest thing ever said or written about the Prince is that if he were not black, he does not win. His victory over Hillary Clinton was by the razor thin margin of less that 1 percent. A change of a mere 5 percent in the 93 percent of the Black vote received by BHO, and the Clintons are packing up all the stuff they liberated from the White House in 2001, and calling the vans back for the big move.

The deciding vote was on strictly racial lines, not on Dr. King's praised "Content of the Character," but instead on the condemned criteria of the "Color of the Skin." Calling it "voting out of pride," does not the racism that benefited Obama change. His problem lies in his lack of experience, not in his skin.

The problem, therefore, dear readers, is not that he is black, but that he's green.

Without real substance, the Prince blows hard and hearty, hoping that words and style will cover the lack of substance. Tested not, he usurps the stage as an impostor, a phony, a fake and fraud. His transparent self adoption of the aura of John F. Kennedy is not only inaccurate, but indicative of his lack of original thought. No matter how hard Obama tries to wear the JFK suit, it shall not fit until he grows just a bit.

No matter how much he may imitate, to quote the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen in his classic rebuttal to young Danny Quayle, "You, Senator, are no John Kennedy."

No matter how much he may talk the talk, embrace the look or surround himself with surviving family, Obama will not duplicate President Kennedy, any more than by buying his brand of golf clubs, I suddenly turn into Tiger Woods.

As they used to say down in Oklahoma, it ain't the arrow, it's the Indian.

I know that many good and decent people have boarded the Prince's bus, some driven by personal ambition, others blinded by the light, and coming as true believers. Whatever the reason, I do truly believe that the road ahead holds disappointment for the followers of BHO. When that day comes as I do hope it will, I just ask that the Candidate have the class and substance to renounce the easy path of victimization, and refuse to suggest, either in person or
through surrogates, that race played the ultimate factor, that "America was just not ready for a Black President," for such could not be further from the truth.

Had Colin Powell ran in '96 instead of Bob Dole, Monica Lewinsky would have remained an obscure fashion and design student, and Osama Bin Laden would probably have been killed in the mountains of Pakistan. President Powell would now be working on the final phase of his library.

America is ready, willing and able to elect some one other than a white man as President. Any one who believes otherwise denies the obvious, denies a reality born from blood, sweat and tears, and nurtured to healthy maturity in the Courts.

But America is not ready for Obama. We are not that gullible, not that naive, not that desperate. Only time - a little more than 90 days in truth - will tell.

Let us place faith in Divine Providence - then get out and work like hell for McCain. Be not afraid.

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