Brad Lakin

Tom Lakin

Lakin Law Firm founder Tom Lakin and son Brad Lakin seek to escape liability in a legal malpractice suit by blaming a former employee and parents of a former client.

The Lakins filed a counterclaim in Madison County Circuit Court on July 11 against former Lakin lawyer Scott Meyer and Tennessee residents Cynthia Usery and Richard Topps.

Usery and Topps retained the Lakins to sue over an injury their daughter Suzanne suffered in 2002 when a tree fell on her at a Tennessee park.

According to Usery and Topps, the Lakins and Meyer ruined their daughter's chances of recovery by allowing the statute of limitations to run out.

In the Lakin counterclaim, Chi-Yong Throckmartin of Belleville alleged that Meyer failed to advise the family of the appropriate statute of limitations.

Throckmartin also alleged that Usery and Topps damaged their daughter, now Suzanne Krause, by failing to advise her of the appropriate statute of limitations.

Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder presides over the case.

William North and Kevin McQuillan of Downers Grove represent Krause, along with George Ripplinger of Belleville.

Lawrence Pratt of St. Louis represents Topps, and Alexander Wilson of Granite City represents Usery.

Meyer represents himself.

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