To support a claim that Troy policeman Clarence Jackson handled a Pizza Hut door so roughly that he injured local attorney Amanda Verrett, attorney Thomas Maag is searching for evidence that Jackson roughed up a citizen 11 years ago.

Madison County Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron on June 26 ordered Troy to give Maag files from a 1997 complaint alleging Jackson pushed a person into a car.

Byron also ordered the city to produce all Jackson's records since Jan. 1, 2003, with a privilege log for claims of confidentiality showing dates and "general subject matter."

Byron ordered sealing of all records.

Maag sued Jackson and Pizza Hut last year, claiming Verrett suffered injuries because Jackson yanked a door as she held it.

Maag did not identify Jackson as a policeman, and when no one answered the complaint Byron granted default judgment against Jackson.

The city at last responded with a motion to vacate judgment, which Byron granted.

Christine McClimans of Alton represents the city.

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