Chicago attorney charged with sexual assault in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | Jul 2, 2008

Huon (Madison County Jail)

A Chicago attorney who was posing as a supervisor for a company that sets up promotions for alcohol sales at area bars was charged in Madison County July 2, with two counts of criminal sexual assault, two counts of criminal sexual abuse and one count of unlawful restraint.

Meanith Huon, 38, of 3038 S Canal St. in Chicago, was arrested by the Chicago Police Department on July 1, and was transferred to Madison County the next day.

On June 29, a homeowner in New Douglas called the sheriff's department and reported that a female was at their home and said she had been kidnapped.

Once deputies arrived, the victim reported she met with Huon, who identified himself as John, in downtown St. Louis in reference to a job offer she had previously talked to him about over the phone.

According to a press release issued by Capt. Brad Wells, the victim was under the impression Huon was a supervisor for a company that sets up promotions for companies in the area taverns for alcohol sales.

After Huon and the victim met, he offered to take her to Pop's Saloon in Sauget, to check how other women who worked for him were doing with a current promotion.

The victim agreed and got into his vehicle, but became concerned when Huon passed the Sauget exit and continued to drive on the interstate.

The victim alleged that after Huon passed the exit he started to sexually assault her in the vehicle.

She told deputies she asked Huon to let her go, however he refused and when he pulled off the interstate in the area of New Douglas Road, the victim jumped from his car when he attempted to turn around.

After the report was taken, detectives with the Madison County Sheriff's Department were able to identify Huon through interviews, surveillance footage, and communication records.

Detectives called the Chicago Police Department who provided surveillance on Huon's residence throughout the day on July 1, and later executed a search warrant signed by Madison County Circuit Judge Charles Romani.

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