Ladder manufacturer Werner Co. of Delaware is being sued by a Monroe County man who claims serious injuries after falling at a neighbor's home while helping construct a metal shed.

John Falkner of Fults also is suing his neighbors Walter E. Knoll, Alexander Knoll and Frederick Knoll over a ladder accident that took place June 2, 2007, near 3501 Pleasant View Ln. in Fults.

"That at said time and place plaintiff John Falkner was asked by defendant, Alexander Knoll, in the presence of defendant, Frederick Knoll, to mount a ladder provided by the Knolls and while so mounted remove some burs found about a hole using a grinder," states the complaint filed June 30 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Falkner claims that after he fell he suffered fractures of his face bones, causing pneumocephalus and other injury to his brain. He also claims he suffered a fracture of his left radius.

The ladder, the suit claims, was defectively designed, manufactured and lacked adequate warnings.

Represented by Bruce R. Cook of Belleville, Falkner is seeking in excess of $200,000 in damages.

He claims the shoe at the base of the ladder failed to grip and that the tread separated from the shoe and provided no support for the ladder.

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