Gerald Spiller claims he has been deprived of the love of his child for more than 11 years in a $50,000 lawsuit filed against National Legal Laboratories, Inc.

According to the complaint filed June 13 in Madison County Circuit Court, Spiller claims the laboratory erroneously tested and reported on Oct. 6, 1997, that he was not the father of a minor child at question in a Madison County paternity case.

Spiller claims the lab failed to instruct its employees of the danger of specimen contamination, failed to use specimen containers with sealable and tamper-evident lids, failed to seal the containers and failed to obtain his initials or otherwise identify the specimen as belonging to him, the complaint states.

"That Plaintiff learned of Defendants's error when additional genetic testing was conducted on or about February 28, 2008," the complaint states.

Seeking in excess of $50,000 in damages, plus costs, Spiller is represented by Randall P. Steele of Steele Law Offices in Glen Carbon.

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