Chiropractor Lawrence Shipley has dismissed one of 12 class actions the Lakin Law Firm filed on his behalf against insurers in Madison County circuit court.

Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian signed an order May 21 at Shipley's request, shutting down a suit against Continental Insurance.

Computer woes at the circuit clerk's office prevented examination of the order.

Shipley has dismissed half the suits he filed in 2003 and 2004, claiming insurers improperly reduced payouts on his bills for treating accident victims.

In some cases Shipley teamed with plaintiff Mark Eavenson, who eventually surpassed him by filing about 25 class actions.

Shipley sued Continental twice and Lumbermen's Mutual twice.

He also sued Safeco, St. Paul Fire and Marine, Metropolitan Life, Travelers, Hartford, Farmers, Zurich Services and CCN Managed Care.

In 2004 he dismissed Hartford and Lumbermen's Mutual.

In 2005 he dismissed Farmers.

In 2006 he dismissed one of his suits against Continental.

The suits against Safeco, Metropolitan and Travelers have stalled.

In the suit against CNN Managed Care, the Lakins served interrogatories April 21 and nothing has happened since.

In the suit against Zurich Services, Matoesian signed an order May 30 setting oral argument in August.

In the suit against St. Paul Fire and Marine, Circuit Judge Daniel Stack has set a July 10 hearing on a Lakin motion to certify Shipley as representative of a plaintiff class.

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