Breach suit filed by KDNL 30 in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | May 23, 2008

KDNL ABC 30 in St. Louis filed a breach of contract suit against John and Kristine Beatty of Metro East Dental Sedation in Madison County Circuit Court May 14, alleging the defendants failed to make payments for television commercials.

Represented by Vincent Vogler of St. Louis and Steven Wallace of East St. Louis, KDNL claims that on Jan. 31, 2007 it entered into a contract with Metro East Dental.

KDNL claims that under the terms of the agreement, Metro East Dental was required to pay $13,250 for services.

The agreement between KDNL and Metro East Dental called for the following:

  • KDNL to produce a 30-second commercial and provide Metro East Dental with MDTV segments and commercials;

  • KDNL to build Metro East Dental's website at no additional cost; and

  • Metro East Dental was to approve production of television commercials, the segment and the website.

    KDNL claims they performed all services required and despite demand for payment, Metro East has failed and refused to pay the amount owed.

    The suit seeks a judgment of $13,250, interest at nine percent per annum from Dec. 13, 2007 and all costs associated with the suit.

    The case is scheduled for mandatory arbitration.

    08 AR 290

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