Surevision Eye Center

A man who fell down a flight of stairs at Surevision Eye Center in Maryville filed a personal injury suit alleging the stairs were not uniform from top to bottom.

Howard Tope alleges he was a customer of Surevision, located at 12 Professional Park Dr., on Aug. 8, 2007 when he missed a step, stumbled and fell to the ground sustaining significant and extensive injuries.

According to the complaint filed April 4 in Madison County Circuit Court, the Surevision building was several feet above the street level and required ascent or decent of a set of stairs in order to access the building.

"The configuration of the staircase was such that the steps were uneven and not uniform from top to bottom," the complaint states.

"Furthermore, the platform which led to the entryway of the building had no uniform design with respect to ingress and egress."

Tope alleges his accident was a result of Surevision's negligence in failing to design a uniform egress and ingress from the building to the parking lot, failing to design and construct steps of uniform height, failing to furnish adequate handrails and failure to make the short steps conspicuous.

He claims he sustained severe and permanent injury to his left leg which required surgery, hospitalization, extensive rehabilitation, nursing home care and assisted living.

Tope also claims his injuries caused and will continue to cause pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of a normal life.

Represented by John Leskera of Collinsville, Tope is seeking damages in excess of $50,000, plus costs.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder.

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