A manager of this Granite City gas station files suit

A manager of a Granite City gas mart claims severe injuries after a patron attacked him in the face with a 24-ounce bottle of beer, then shot him in the right leg.

Ali Mohsen filed suit against business owner N & S Service Inc., manager Naser Abdelraman, as well as Conoco Phillips Co., in St. Clair County Circuit Court seeking damages in excess of $200,000.

The attack occurred Sept. 28, 2006, at the store located at 2526 Nameoki Rd., according to the suit filed Jan. 14.

Among other things, Mohsen claims the defendants are negligent for failing to provide a cashier counter of sufficient height and width so as to maintain a safe distance between cashier and customer.

"N & S had notice of the reasonable foreseeability of the type of criminal acts perpetrated against the Plaintiff...as the owner of a convenient store where liquor is sold as well as specific knowledge of criminal acts occurring regularly on and adjacent to its premises including but not limited to violent crime, theft, assault, drug and gang activity," the complaint states.

Mohsen is represented by Eric W. Evans and Peter S. Blasi of Roth Evans in Granite City.

Mohsen also claims the defendants are negligent for failing to provide a cashier counter with a glass partition to prevent unwanted physicial contact between cashier and patrons, failing to have adequate security equipment on the premises and failing to post adequate warnings inside and outside the building to deter crimes being perpetrated on the premises.

The suit also claims that N & S has no workers' compensation insurance.

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