In case anyone didn't believe Brad Lakin when he alleged that state regulators are investigating his former class action teammate Paul Weiss of Chicago, Lakin now produces documentary evidence.

Records that attorney Charles Chapman filed for Lakin in Madison County circuit court on Dec. 14 show that the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has served a subpoena on an attorney who claimed Weiss sexually harassed her.

The attorney who accused Weiss, Tanja Samardzija, settled her claim against him and agreed to keep it confidential, according to a chancery suit she filed in Cook County.

Samardzija seeks judgment declaring the confidentiality agreement null and void for the limited purpose of testifying before the disciplinary commission.

Her complaint names "John Doe's Law Firm" as defendant, but a summons in the case file identifies the firm of Freed and Weiss as defendant.

According to a certificate, a court officer served the summons on Weiss, on July 13.

Chapman attached the records to a motion for a court order setting up a constructive trust that would receive disputed fees from class action settlements.

Chapman previously alleged in a brief for Lakin that Weiss was under investigation, but they did not substantiate the charge.

Associate Judge Clarence Harrison will hear the trust motion. He recently took over the case from Associate Judge Richard Tognarelli, who transferred to criminal court.

The Lakin Law Firm split with Freed and Weiss about a year ago, after seven years of cooperation in class actions.

The Lakins sued Freed and Weiss in Madison County, and Freed and Weiss sued the Lakins in Cook County.

In Cook County, the Lakins argue that the case belongs in Madison County.

In Madison County, Fred and Weiss argue that the case belongs in Cook County.

Meanwhile, U.S. District Judge Michael Reagan of East St. Louis presides over a suit former Lakin lawyer Richard Burke filed against the Lakins.

The Lakins fired Burke, after he sided with Freed and Weiss in the breakup between the firms. Burke claims the Lakins didn't pay all they owed him.

The Lakins have countersued, arguing that Burke breached his contract by trying to harm the firm while he worked there.

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