A 30-year-old woman who claims she was attacked by a Rotweiller is seeking in excess of $100,000 for severe facial lacerations which required facial reconstruction and plastic surgery.

Amber Marshall filed suit against Carl Karl and Mathew D. Chandler over an incident that occurred Nov. 18 at 213 N. Jackson in Belleville, according to the complaint filed Dec. 3 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

"Suddenly, without warning to plaintiff or provocation by plaintiff, the Rotweiller attacked plaintiff, bit and gnarled her face, tearing open the flesh of her mouth, lip and nose, where it was torn and hung off her face," the complaint states.

"Just as suddenly, the Rotweiller ceased its unprovoked attack."

Marshall claims that she required large amounts of sutures, her cheeks had to be sutured to close the wounds, she has to apply topical ointments and antibacterial medications, her face is scarred, red, swollen, and she suffers from loss of tissue and facial musculature.

"She cannot laugh and make numerous facial expressions, she suffers from self-consciousness and a lack of certain life enjoyment and is likely to have phobic reactions for a period of time that is undetermined," the complaint states.

The suit claims Karl is a real estate developer who rebabs properties, including the one where the attack occurred. Chandler, who works for Karl as custodian of the property, "owned a Rotweiller breed dog," the suit claims.

Karl also sustained an injury due to the Rotweiller, the suit claims.

"Other tenants of 213 N. Jackson had sustained facial injuries as a result of the Rotweiller," the complaint states. "The Rotweiller attacked other people causing blood and injury."

Marshall is represented by Brian Stokes of The Stokes Law Office in St. Louis.

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