Owners of two rottweilers are being sued in St. Clair County by a woman allegedly attacked by the dogs in Fairview Heights on June 13, 2006.

Jayashri Reddy, of Carmel, Ind., claims she was walking in the street, when without provocation, the dogs owned by Jane Read and Paul Greve attacked her. Read and Greve reside at 7426 Lonewolf Ct., according to the complaint filed Nov. 30.

Reddy claims she sustained permanent injuries to her shoulder, back, legs, knees, ankle and other body parts.

Represented by Steven E. Katzman of Katzman & Associates in Belleville, Reddy is seeking in excess of $200,000 in damages in part under the Illinois Animal Control Act.

Reddy claims the defendants knew or should have known the dogs had a propensity to attack people.

She also claims they failed to properly confine the dogs or keep them on a leash.

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