Bonnie Bloome of Harvel in Montgomery County filed a personal injury suit against James and Sandra Shepherd who operate a Subway sandwich shop at 216 South Main in Hillsboro, also in Montgomery County.

According to Bloome, she was entering the Subway on March 6, 2006, when she fell from the walkway to the ground.

As a basis for filing her suit in Madison County, Bloome states that the Shepherds reside in Edwardsville.

Bloome claims Subway failed to provide a landing of sufficient width, failed to adequately warn by placard and signage of the step down, failed to provide guardrails, handrails or other protective railing, failed to provide a ramp and failed to provide yellow and black markings.

She also claims Subway failed to maintain the entrance and surrounding areas in a reasonably safe condition, failed to remove a dangerous condition from the premises, failed to warn of the entrance condition and carelessly invited the public to use the entrance despite its dangerous condition.

Bloome claims the fall caused severe and permanent injuries including a displaced interarticular fracture of her distal radius with significant displacement, bruises, contusions and lacerations to her arm and leg which caused "intense pain and agony," medical expenses and lost wages.

Represented by Carl Kasten of Carlinville, Bloome is seeking damages in excess of $100,000 plus costs of the suit.

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