A man who suffered serious and permanent injuries in a car crash seven years ago filed a personal injury suit against the driver of the vehicle that collided with him.

James George claims Melinda Smith collided with him on Nameoki Road in Granite City on July 28, 2000.

According to the complaint, Smith struck the rear passenger side of George's vehicle.

George alleges that Smith committed one or more of the following acts of negligence and/or omissions which directly caused the collision to occur:

  • failed to keep a proper lookout for other vehicles then and there rightfully on the roadway;

  • drove her vehicle in such a manner as to cause it to strike George's vehicle;

  • failed to keep her vehicle under proper control; and

  • drove her vehicle in such a manner as to permit it to strike George's vehicle while he was in the process of making a left turn.

    According to George, the collision caused him to become sick, sore, lame, disordered and disabled due to the extensive internal and external injuries to his head, neck, shoulders and low back.

    He also claims his injuries have caused and will continue to cause pain and suffering, medical expenses, disability and disfigurement.

    George is represented by James Williams of Williams, Caponi & Associates in Belleville.

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