A man who was attacked by two men who were intoxicated filed a dram shop complaint against two Granite City taverns claiming they sold alcohol to the offenders.

Anthony Wamble claims he was assaulted and battered by two individuals as he was leaving Gabby's Tavern on East 24th Street in Granite City on Sept. 2.

He claims the two men who attacked him has consumed "large amounts" of alcohol at Gabby's, and prior to that at Eddie's Lounge on Nameoki Road.

Wamble also claims that Gabby's was aware that he was being attacked but failed to intervene or call the police on his behalf.

Wamble claims that he suffered serious injuries that made him sick, sore, lame and disabled.

He also claims his injuries caused medical expenses, great pain and emotional distress, lost wages, permanent disfigurement and the loss of time from his normal pursuits in life.

Represented by Dawn Kamadulski of Granite City, Wamble is seeking damages in excess of $100,000, plus costs of the suit.

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