'Wite Out' not used in Lakin federal court docs

By Ann Knef | Nov 9, 2007

919 Hibiscus in Key West, Fla.

"Wite Out" may have been used to conceal Tom Lakin's address on a document associated with a Madison County legal malpractice lawsuit. But a hand-written entry of 919 Hibiscus, Key West (Fla.) is visible on the same document originally filed in federal court.

Lakin, who awaits trial in January on drug and sex charges, listed the address on an appearance bond filed in federal court in East St. Louis on April 23. It is the eighth docket entry in USA v. Lakin.

Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder has twice asked for Lakin's address, and twice his lawyer has told Crowder he lives in Key West.

Crowder didn't accept that as an address in September, and Lakin's Oct. 26 supplement to his previous response didn't tell her anything she didn't already know.

Lakin's attorney Michael Nester of Belleville attached to the supplement a copy of his appearance bond showing "Key West 33040," however, someone whitened out the street address.

Crowder wants his address because a plaintiff in her court, Suzanne Krause of Tennessee, intends to depose him at his home.

Krause claims the negligence of Lakin lawyers ruined her chance to recover damages for leg injuries she suffered when a tree fell on her.

Lakin wears an electronic monitoring device as a condition of release pending trial.

The address Lakin lists as his Key West residence is owned by Alfonso P. Diamora, according to Monroe County, Fla. property records. The property is comprised of three units which is currently on the market for $2 million.

Steve Korris contributed to this report.

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