Beelman Truck Co. and Transportation, Inc. have filed a breach of contract suit against Mack Trucks, Inc. in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Represented by Stephen R. Wigginton, J. Brian Manion and Frederick W. Keck of Weilmuenster & Wigginton of Belleville, the plaintiffs claim Mack Trucks failed to properly repair or replace defective parts of trucks it supplied in accordance with a written agreement.

According to the suit filed Oct. 1, Mack supplied trucks of varying model years and would buy them back after four years.

The plaintiffs claim the agreements included a warranty on all trucks which provided for the repair and replacement of any defective parts. The suit claims the trucks experienced frequent breakdowns due to defective parts, including turbochargers and cross-members.

Beelman and Transportation claim they are entitled to recover lost revenue due to truck breakdowns, towing expenses and decreased resale value of the trucks.

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