Man claims Shop Vac ignited fumes, burned him

By Steve Gonzalez | Oct 4, 2007

A man who was permanently injured when his Shop Vac ignited fumes in his garage, filed suit against Shop Vac, Inc., in Madison County Circuit Court Sept. 28, alleging his Shop Vac was unreasonably safe.

Charles Asperger claims he was working in his garage in Edwardsville on Oct. 1, 2005, when fumes were ignited which caused burns to over 50 percent of his body.

He claims Shop Vac manufactured and distributed to the general public a Shop Vac that was dangerous and defective, failed to provide adequate warnings on the product regarding its ability to ignite fumes and failed to install a screen device that would prevent the Shop Vac from igniting fumes.

Asperger also claims Shop Vac engaged in the sale of an unreasonably dangerous product, when it knew, or should have known, of its products' propensity to ignite fumes and serve as an ignition of fumes.

According to Asperger, his injuries caused him to experience pain and suffering, suffer a loss of his earning capacity, become liable for medical expenses, suffer a disability and disfigurement and sustained $676,819.79 in damage to his home and property.

His wife Debra Asperger also is seeking damages claiming Charles' injuries has caused her to suffer the loss of his consortium.

They are also seeking damages from K-Mart, the location where the Shop Vac was purchased.

Represented by Bob Perica of Wood River, the Aspergers are seeking damages in excess of $876,000, plus costs.

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