Gary Lutman, 45 percent owner of a bar he can't enter, has asked Fifth District appellate judges to let him in.

He has appealed an injunction of Madison County Associate Judge Ellar Duff keeping him away from Sharky's Sports Bar in Collinsville.

In July Duff ruled in favor of his former wife Sherry Lutman, who last year replaced him as president of Sharky's.

Sherry Lutman owns 45 percent too, but 10 percent owner Richard Gibson joined with her to exclude Gary Lutman.

Gary Lutman asked Duff to reconsider the injunction, arguing that in their divorce they agreed to run Sharky's the way they ran it before the divorce.

In August Duff denied reconsideration.

Attorney John Leskera of Collinsville filed an appeal notice for Gary Lutman on Sept. 17.

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