To the editor:

For Governor Blagojevich: I strongly register my objections to your forced health care plan that directly affects me due to the fact I'm disabled receiving social security and cash benefits plus food stamp benefits.

I, nor anyone else here in Illinois that's disabled receiving social security, food stamps or cash benefits, should be forced by law to have a doctor or be made to change doctors if the state so wills it.

As I see it this will lead to forced exams then forced innoculations, if the state so wills it.

Your plan already forces people such as me to go for exams according to the information I have.

If this so-called health care plan goes into effect I dare say that I am 200 percent against this intrusive, invasive socialized medicine plan of yours--something like the U.S.S.R. had before the fall of the old Russian government.

No one need be forcing anyone into any kind of health care plan that does not give them freedom of choice as to what is best for them by their choosing, not the state's.

I do very much strongly request that you definitely thus immediately and completely cancel this so-called health care plan movement, thus actively move to keep things as they are here in Illinois.

Thank you very much for your time. Good day to you.

James Edward Vantrease

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