Judy Greer filed a personal injury suit against Maco Management in Madison County Circuit Court Aug. 30, alleging she was injured when she tripped and fell in a hole on her rental property.

According to Greer, she was walking outside in the "common area" on the grass of her rental property on June 4, 2006. She does not list the property address.

Greer claims Maco negligently and carelessly failed to exercise reasonable care to keep its property in a safe condition, free from potential tripping hazards.

She also claims Maco failed to warn her that the yard had a hole in it and that they failed to place a sign or painted stripe, or other means of suitable protection in the area where she fell.

"The hole in the yard was unknown to the plaintiff," the complaint states. "The hole in the yard was in no way open and obvious."

Greer claims she suffered severe and permanent injuries to her right ankle, knee and hip and also had a knee surgery which caused great physical pain and mental anguish and medical expenses.

She also claims her injuries have left her unable to perform her usual activities.

Represented by Michael Glisson of Alton, Greer is seeking damages in excess of $50,000, plus costs.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Daniel Stack.

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