To the editor:

Anyone who questions Illinois' reputation as the "Land of Looney Lawsuits," needs to look no further than the growing number of friends and families suing each other over Bears tickets. According to recent reports, a man is suing his nephew over two tickets on the 40 yard line to Bears home games. The man wants the court to prevent his nephew from selling the personal seat licenses (PSLs) to someone else and to also transfer the rights of two PSLs to him.

While this case may make a great episode of the "Jerry Springer Show," it is not the sort thing we need to see in our courts. It already takes far too long for Illinois citizens to get justice from our judicial system. Now, individuals with legitimate cases are going to have to wait even longer because the courts have to deal with a family squabble over Bears tickets.

There certainly is an element of humor in this case, but cases like this are no laughing matter. We all are paying the price of the litigious nature of our society. This is especially true in Illinois as our state is ranked 46th out of 50 for judicial fairness. Illinois' reputation as a judicial hellhole is driving jobs and opportunities away from the state. What business would want to relocate to Illinois when there is a high probability of being sued?

Enough is enough. We need meaningful judicial reforms in Illinois. Let's go back to being the "Land of Lincoln," not the "Land of Looney Lawsuits."

Travis Akin
Executive Director
Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch

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