Prophet sues former ESL Mayor Officer

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 16, 2007

Carl Officer (at right)

A patient at the Alton Mental Health facility who claims he is a prophet is suing former East St. Louis Mayor Carl Officer for not allowing him to preach.

James Slaten filed a handwritten complaint in federal court on Aug. 8 in East St. Louis claiming Officer violated his First, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

"I am a Servant of God, a prophet," the complaint begins.

Slaten claims Officer and Slaten's pastor allegedly denied him the right to preach at a local church.

He claims he showed up at a fitness hearing in St. Clair County and was then "kidnapped" against his will.

"The bible says thou shall not steal. If I did prove it, misdemeanor," Slaten wrote. "Force(d) to take drugs," he added.

"If you are having trouble, you should pray, and if you are feeling good you should sing praises," Slaten wrote. "But if you are sick ask the Church leaders to come and pray for you and put olive oil on you in the name of the Lord."

Slaten alleges that he never signed a consent form for anyone to release his private information except when he applied for a job.

Slaten filed an exhibit with his complaint.

It is an order for involuntary administration of psychotropic medications signed by Madison County's mental health judge in March. The order required Slaten to have 16 mg of Risperidone, 10 mg of Ativan, 20 mg of Zyprexa, and 100 mg of Haldol every day.

Slaten is asking the court to transfer him to Chester's mental health facility because "patients (at Alton) do not have any rights period."

"Maybe someone will respect our Father in heaven who truthly (sic) had his Son put to death for our sins," Slaten wrote.

Slaten also wrote, "Had a psychotropic hearing, the state won but I am cool with that."

"But since I am delusional and have a disorganized thinking ability, I would like my appointed attorney present when I poison my soul until I am released," he added.

Slaten also asks for "everyone" to be at his next hearing that deals with "black religion," including Mr. Rogers.

"God is good, stop tampering with the mail," Slaten also wrote. "I was a write-in candidate for mayor of ESTL."

Slaten finished his complaint by writing, "Threat nurse 8 p.m. med, my life gave up cocaine!! Lethal Injection."

United States Chief District Judge G. Patrick Murphy was randomly assigned the case.

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