Amanda Verett, who gained and lost a big judgment in a personal injury suit she filed this year against a Troy police officer, has settled a separate personal injury suit she filed against Safeco Insurance last year.

Her attorney, Thomas Maag of Edwardsville, and Safeco attorney Steven Asher of St. Louis, signed a stipulation for dismissal July 6.

The suit sought damages for injuries from an auto accident.

Verett, herself an attorney, originally sued the other driver, Tracey Zobrist. She and Zobrist settled in April.

Maag then amended Verett's complaint to sue Safeco.

Maag asked for $50,000, a 25 percent penalty, prejudgment interest, attorney fees and costs.

Asher moved in May to dismiss, arguing that Verett did not specify her policy number or the provisions under which she sought coverage.

He wrote that she failed to attach her policy to the complaint.

He wrote that she cited no authority entitling her to prejudgment interest or attorney fees.

Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder denied the motion to dismiss on June 15.

She ruled that Verett could submit an affidavit instead of her policy.

Verett submitted an affidavit swearing, "That I have no copies of insurance policies from Safeco Insurance Company."

Crowder struck from Maag's complaint the demands for prejudgment interest and attorney fees.

Three weeks later the case closed.

Verett and Maag continue to pursue an injury suit against Troy policeman Clarence Jackson and owners of a Pizza Hut.

Verett claims Jackson caused her to fall while opening a door at Pizza Hut.

Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron granted default judgment against Jackson in May for $311,700.

Jackson moved to vacate the judgment, arguing that he acted in the line of duty and expected the city to defend him.

Byron vacated the judgment June 22.

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