Belleville Police Sgt. Jon Brough, who was shot in the face last fall during a home raid, fired back July 17 with a civil lawsuit in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

He and his wife Wendy Brough are seeking in excess of $450,000 in damages in a suit against ballistic shield manufacturer Armor Holdings, Inc., combat helmet supplier Belleville Surplus, and the estate of his shooter, Larry Sicka, who perished during the incident.

Brough suffered permanent injuries, including blindness, after he was shot on Nov. 10, 2006, while police stormed a home at 319 South First St. in Belleville.

Brough was wearing a "Protech Intruder" shield which he claims failed to "perform in a manner reasonably anticipated given its nature and intended function," states the complaint.

The Broughs are represented by Thomas Q. Keefe of Belleville.

The suit claims Belleville Surplus is negligent for selling him a helmet which provided no protection to his face.

Brough claims he has been permanently prevented from attending to his usual affairs and duties and has lost wages and income, and will lose additional wages and income in the future.

The suit also names Randy Kelley as representative of Sicka's estate.

"Larry Sicka...willfully and wantonly discharged a firearm when he knew there were police officers in proximity," the complaint states.

Wendy Brough seeks damages for loss of consortium.

"Wendy Brough has been permanently damaged in that she has been permanently deprived of the love, companionship, consortium, support and guidance from her husband, and, has incurred and become liable for large sums of money in hospital, medical and related expenses, past, present and future."

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